•Release: April 2015
•Author: John Uttley
•Pages: 322
•Language: English
•Published by: JU
•Formats: Paperback, Kindle Edition
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Where’s Sailor Jack?

Bewildered by the inevitable loss of meaning, as much the last Victorians as the first baby boomers, they’d been protected by their innocence as they’d clung on tightly to their optimism.


A novel about first love, lasting love, the purpose of life and the meaning of cricket.

Bob and Richard were part of the one generation of lower class provincials in England ever to get a real shout. Grammar school boys from Lancashire, they’d shared in the great flowering of working class culture from the late fifties to the mid sixties, before rising with the meritocracy in business and industry. By their own admission, they’d taken far more out than they would ever put in. Now in their sixties, they still occupy their hinterland of church youth club innocence. Richard looks for meaning and Bob purpose. Richard sees events as fickle fate, presently working in his favour, Bob as a catalogue of decisions he’d enjoyed making, with some bad ones currently coming home to roost. As they look for someone or something to believe in before the last trumpet sounds, both men are to be tested over the next year in life, love and death. Just one thing is for sure: they will be changed.

‘‘…romantic, poignant, and extremely funny, exactly what I want from a family saga.’ – Stephen Carver, Blot the Skrip and Jar It